Jasperi | Multimedia Artist

artist, Filmmaker, Creator

specializing in 

Music videos, Online Entertainment, Documentary Content, video art 

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I'm a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist based in London with a strong interest in creative visual expression.  


  • Filmmaking

    • Directing

    • Editing

    • Cinematography

    • Lighting

    • Color Grading

    • Visual Effects

    • Motion Graphics

  • Photography (film & digital)

    • experimental darkroom manipulation

    • Portraits

  • Live Art

    • Liquid light shows

    • experimental digital light show techniques

  • sound

    • music production

    • sound design

Software: After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX, C4D,DaVinci resolve, Photoshop,  Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Melodyne


A handy montage of my work

My Work

Much of my work revolves around abstract creative visual expression of felling, emotion, and experience; Often working collaboratively with other artists across mediums.

films I've worked on have been screened at Bufferfest & the International Youth Silent Film Festival

If you'd like to work together on a thing, send me an email: